Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida announced this past Friday that a new set of educational standards for our State had been finalized. The new standards are known as BEST, Benchmark for Excellent Student Thinking, which will replace the controversial Common Core standards.

The new standards place an emphasis on literacy, cursive writing and students will begin their study of the Constitution in 5th grade.

Interestingly, in some respects the new standards are following a classical approach as expectations for literacy range from learning sight words and advancing to the comprehension of Shakespearean works.

Details of the new guidelines will be unveiled in the coming weeks. It’s unclear how this will affect student testing, though DeSantis did indicate that some form of testing will still be required.

Richard Corcoran, Florida’s Education Commissioner, pointed out that Common Core has stagnated education performance nationwide. He stated, “As a nation we have flatlined.”

Referring to BEST, State Representative Bob Rommel confidently stated, “We will allow teachers to teach, and students to learn.”