Singapore Math

The primary math curriculum will be Singapore Math. Singapore Math publishes several different textbook series. SGCA will use the following: Kindergarten – Essentials and Grades 1-5 – Primary Mathematics. Through our research, many classical charter schools have determined Singapore Math to be the best curriculum-provider for providing a course of study that lays a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. The curriculum is based on the math program used throughout the country of Singapore, and international math scores show very high academic achievement results. Singapore Math provides optional supplementary books for extra practice and differentiated learning. All supplementary materials are designed to work with any of the publisher’s series.
Singapore math is the curriculum used for K-6 in the small island country of Singapore. The curriculum has become popular due to Singapore’s consistent top ranking on an international assessment of student math achievement called the Trends in International Mathematics. The success of this curriculum on an international scale was ample justification for choosing it as the School’s math curriculum. Singapore’s international rank among 630 participating countries in the last three testing periods are as follows:
2015 – Singapore ranked #1
2011 – Singapore ranked #1
2007 – Singapore ranked #2
The many success stories regarding the implementation of Singapore Math in U.S. schools also weighed heavily in our decision to use the curriculum.